The Challenge – an update

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Toronto Corporate Head Shot Photography

An update about Geoff's journey with his ostomy post surgery.

You may remember back in February I posted about a couple of challenges we had faced at the start of 2014. 
This post
, which included the little hospital stay montage

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Well we are now coming up for 11 weeks post surgery, and things are definitely back on track. Geoff has been back at work for 3 weeks now and we are heading off to Mexico on Thursday. 

what I really wanted to share were photos of Geoff I took a couple of weeks ago. He doesn’t often agree to model for me, but when I begged him to help me to do some corporate head shots to use in my portfolio he finally gave in.

So here is a before and after.
The before shot was taken on the day he was discharged from hospital. I had forgotten how sick he was and looked so terrible, but now SO HANDSOME!

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

We will be in Mexico for 2 weeks to celebrate Geoff’s brother’s wedding, and then our very belated honeymoon YAY!!! I am super excited! 

We spoke to Geoff’s surgeon before his ileostomy to make sure he would be able to swim, eat and drink many cocktails.
The surgeon was positive that everything would be fine. The wound still needs a little more time to heal but with some waterproof dressings, Geoff will be in the pool with no worries.

Here are a couple of photos we chose from the shoot that I have gone onto use in my portfolio.

Toronto Corporate Head Shot Photography
Toronto Corporate Head Shot Photography

Geoff had bought an insanely expensive suit for our wedding, but he has lost a LOT of weight since then.
I actually needed to clamp a big bunch of fabric at the back of the suit to try and make it fit. So it still looks like he is a little boy playing dress up in adult clothes 🙂

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