Updating Business portraits with bob

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A man in a blue suit stands with his hands in his pockets and smiles at the camera while updating business portraits by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Updating Business portraits

with bob

Updating business portraits can sometimes be a daunting experience. Have a think about where you foresee your career path heading. And how that may impact how your images are used, or the message you convey.

This is something that a lot of people don’t always consider when updating their business portraits.

It’s important to have an image, or images that you can grow into as you evolve in your career.

Updating business portraits for where you see your career heading

Whether that means you want to move into a more executive level role, or if you plan to move into a freelance or consulting position. It’s a really good idea to think ahead and plan for an image that will represent the path you are planning for.

How will you use the images?

Only need headshots for LinkedIn? Do you give talks, submit to journals or abstracts?

Discussing how you will use these images will really help you to get clear on the message you want to convey.

One of the greatest compliments my past clients can pay me is by sending referrals.
I have been very lucky to receive these referrals of friends and family who are looking for a photographer to suit their needs.

Holly from WIMDI (Women in Male Dominated Industries), was one of my first clients when I moved to Vancouver a few years ago. And this year, she brought her partner Bob to the studio to update his business portraits.

A man in a blue suit smiles and looks away from the camera in a fashion pose while updating business portraits by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell
A man in a blue suit sits and smiles at the camera while updating business portraits by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell
During the consultation process

I chatted with Bob during the consultation process to get an idea of what he intended to use the images for.  The kind of vibe or feeling he wanted to convey.

And also, to find out where he sees himself moving professionally in the next couple of years so that we could leverage his headshots for LinkedIn.

We worked out that this session would benefit from a mix of smart business attire, both with and without a tie on a lighter background.

This was decided after having a chat about where Bob aspires to move his career path. And also taking into consideration possible uses for the images he would end up selecting.

I had a great time at my photo shoot with Angela. I didn’t have a good idea of exactly what I wanted from the photo shoot, or at least couldn’t articulate it well in words.
After a quick phone call with Angela, she somehow was able to extract exactly the look I was hoping for, and did an amazing job of planning out the shoot, helping me select my wardrobe, and coaching me through the poses.

The photos we got at the end were astounding, and I had immense difficulty selecting my photos because I wanted them all!
My favourite part specifically, was a pose we goofed around about which ended up turning out amazing. I didn’t end up using it as my new headshot, but Angela printed it out on a coupon for me to give out to my friends and everyone loved it.

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