Vancouver Pt III – fun in the snow

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The final installment of our Christmas and New Years trip to Vancouver.

We got to spend a fair bit of time in the snow on our Christmas trip to Vancouver.
It was also lovely to wander through deep CLEAN snow! Not the icy, slushy, brown-grey dog poop and cigarette filled rubbish in the city.

Surprisingly, there hadn’t been much snow at all back in Toronto, and we were having one of the warmest winters (apart from the winter we arrived in 2012) in a while with mostly just an extended autumn of rainy and grey days.

Natural light portrait of a bearded man looking over a winter landscape

We initially tried to get up to Cypress on Boxing Day to go snow shoeing….with most of the rest of Vancouver. It took nearly 2 hours to get up to Cypress proper, at which point we realised that we hadn’t taken the right turn off and ended up at the ski fields instead of the snow shoe area…..back to Vancouver for more alcohol and nibbles then.

A few days later, we popped up to Whistler. Geoff and I have friends that we met on our TopDeck Summer Fun & Sailing 2003 tour. So after 13 years we had lunch, reminisced, chatted and had more drinks while our friend Steve went skiing.

Image by Vancouver portrait, business and branding photographer Angela McConnell

Once we managed to drag ourselves out of the bar, we met up back with Steve and headed to the Tube Park. Seriously this was one of the most fun things ever…I was full of bravado, until I got to the top and saw how steep and bumpy the black diamond run was. Then I saw an older lady about to tube down and was full of bravado…
I pretty much scream-laughed the entire way down on the tube, thinking I was truly about to die.
But then you get to the bottom and try to get back up the hill to do it all over again. So much fun!

Natural light portrait of a man shaking snow off a tree with a laughing woman looking on

We made it back to Cypress on New Years Eve, a few days after our Whistler trip and got the snow shoes on for a bit of a tramp (hike to you non-kiwi people). It was incredibly beautiful and serene, not too many other people on the trail and I was super annoying stopping everyone for photos every 2 seconds.

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