Workshop and retreat photography for small business owners and corporate clients

Creating beautiful and dynamic images and capturing moments at your next event.

And aligning your imaging content with the values, essence and core messaging of your business.

Self care and personal growth in the greater Vancouver area

Workshop and Retreat Photography

I offer workshop and retreat photography coverage in the greater Vancouver area, to showcase the work facilitators are doing with their clients.

I really enjoy working with people undergoing  transition.  Capturing moments that are special and not normally seen. And the emotion behind them.
I want attendees to have a tangible, visual connection to their personal growth and the journey they have taken.

What Clients Say

About their Workshop and Retreat photography coverage

A workshop facilitator and yoga instructor smile at attendees during an introduction at a self care for educators workshop at Roundhouse Farm, Victoria BC by Vancouver workshop and retreat photographer Angela McConnell
Angela is a true professional. She took the time to get to know me and my needs before she attended my event, then arrived, got down to business and provided me with the most lovely images of my retreat, all while seeming like she wasn’t even there.   I was so grateful for attention to detail and for creating such a positive emotion within all of her pictures!  I will definitely be using some of these shots for future advertising.   Even coming from out of town, she arrived on time, got down to work and left without being noticed. The process for communicating online was easy and she had images available for me within a week. So fabulous!
Lisa Baylis
A yoga teacher sits in easy pose in a white room in front of windows at True Nosh Yoga by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell
I absolutely love working with Angela and enthusiastically recommend working with her to others. Her passion and heart can be felt from the moment you meet her.  With her you get a complete experience. Someone who genuinely cares and is invested in the outcome for you. The remarkably beautiful images as a result speak for themselves.  She came out and captured an intimate Mother & Daughter Retreat I was hosting and her grace and attentiveness honoured the women who were there. Giving space when was needed and still capturing captivating moments they may never otherwise get to see for themselves. She provided a unique opportunity for them to view their relationship in a very special (and maybe even new) way. That’s a gift.  The best part of the experience was Angela’s energy, attentiveness and dedication to capturing moments in an intimate and respectful way. Couple that with her raw talent and the outcome was a positive experience and stunning images. 
Carmen Ganne
Woman in an emerald green dress smiles as she talks to attendees during an exercise at a self care and confidence workshop by Vancouver workshop and retreat photographer Angela McConnell
Working with Angela was completely seamless and enjoyable from start to finish!  Her professionalism and attention to detail stands out in the industry and I love the images she captured at my workshop. She has the desirable skill of discretely taking photos without distracting the learning or vibe of the room — and she does it in a calm and relaxed way.  I’d highly recommend Angela to shoot your workshop/event and I will definitely work with her again.
Tonia Mattu
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Focusing on leadership and professional development

For Corporate Clients

Whether you are a company that integrates coaching or leadership development programmes.
Or a business that offers leadership and professional development to corporate clients.

If you need professional coverage for use in your social media strategy, internal communications, training manuals or board presentations.
I can help you to create imagery and for these kind of events

What Clients say

About the Corporate clients experience
Angela was a pleasure to work with! She was very professional; she captured beautiful, candid moments during our meetings without distracting anyone. One of the pieces of feedback I received from participants afterwards was that they didn't even notice that you were moving around snapping pictures. This is perfect given that we had executives in house; very impressive!
Corporate Clients
Ribbon cutting & Department Opening event
Angela provided photography work on quite a few projects for our company. She was quick to respond in the meeting request, professional and friendly when dealing with our staff and her images were beautiful and just what we needed! She follows instructions very easily. We appreciate the quick turnaround time as well! We look forward to working with Angela again.
Corporate Clients
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Whatever your event is

Get the most out of your coverage

Create engagement

Use ice breaking activities so that attendees are working together in small groups. This creates engaging candid images of your attendees interacting authentically with one another.

Timing is everything

If working with shorter coverage time, think about which part of the itinerary will contain the most varied activities. This will give you more bang for your buck with marketing content.

Focus on details

Not sure what sort of images you need for marketing? I can work with you to create a shot list so that we cover off as much as possible in the time frame you select.

A mother kisses her daughter on the forehead during an exercise at a mother and daughter workshop by Vancouver workshop and retreat photographer Angela McConnell

Capturing moments they wouldn't otherwise see

Moments when your attendees are so connected to the emotion of what is being offered, or with each other.

Capturing the essence of your message

Create a curated gallery of images you feel captures the essence of your event. This is also a great way for attendees to share images, their key takeaways and spread your message further.
How Carmen uses images as a breathwork facilitator during a self care workshop for women by Vancouver business portrait and branding photographer Angela McConnell
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Why I want to work with you

I love working with people who facilitate others to be the best versions of themselves. This is through self care for their mental health, physical well being, or personal development.

Recent Workshop and Retreat photography coverage

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